You may have been served a drink or two by Jenni Spiro during her time as a bartender at the Famished Frog. But you might not realize she's also a singer and songwriter with a distinguished musical pedigree.


The 20-something Spiro began singing when she was only 3 years old. Besides guitar, she's also a bass player and dancer.


She comes from a musical family, the only child of two active musicians. Her mother is a bassist and vocalist for several New Jersey bands, while her father is known professionally as "Mongo," the keyboardist for New Jersey cover-band The Nerds. Spiro said her parents were very supportive of her musical and singing endeavors all through her school years.


The talents she built through those endeavors will be on display on Sept. 16 when the Lake Hopatcong resident performs during the Jersey Club Sports League's end-of-season celebration at the Famished Frog.


According to her Web site, Spiro was first noticed when she was seen, at age 3, "singing pitch perfect covers atop a milk crate to a reporter for the local news, who had heard of her musical aspirations and covered a story on the young star." She performed in school plays and local talent shows, began dancing at 5 and started writing her own music at seven.


Her musical aspirations were riding high throughout her teen years, up until her graduation from high school in 2001.  She attended one semester at the County College of Morris and dropped out. She had bigger plans.


Simply put, "I want to be a star," Spiro writes on her Web site's bio. She decided to go to California to do just that, in music and acting. But, Spiro said, besides a few roles in television, theater and a brief stint modeling, the trip wasn't panning out.


Spiro said she was homeless for about six months.


"I was naive at the time I left for California," she told Patch. "I was real young and didn't know what I was getting into. L.A. just wasn't for me."


She returned to New Jersey after a little over two years.


Spiro has come a long way since then. She regularly performs music throughout the Tri-State area, recently appearing not only at the Famished Frog, but also at Lava in Wayne, The Fireside in Denville and Sullivan Hall in New York City. Besides her solo career, Spiro also sings for the New Jersey-based hard rock cover-band Abandoned.


She also once fronted a band called Broke Face Girl.


"I'm very clumsy and I'm always falling down and getting hurt, so the band's name refers to me," she said.


Besides her parents, Spiro counts Etta James and the Eagles rock as major influences.


Through it all, from singing on milk crates to her hardscrabble search for stardom on "the left coast" to her regular performances in the area today, Spiro said, "I will continue to do music because I love it and I want to make a living doing it and I want everyone to enjoy my songs."


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Reprinted from an Article By George Leroy Hunter

Jenni Spiro Ringside Pub Review




Who can deny the amazing voice of Jenni Spiro singing at the Ringisde Pub in Caldwell,NJ.

Born May 15th in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, singer/songwriter Jenni Spiro grew up into a life of music. The only child of two working musicians, performing and writing rock music has been her driving desire since a young age. Her father is the keyboard player/vocalist ‘Mongo’ for “The Nerds,” and her mother is a bassist and lead vocalist for several New Jersey–based bands. Witnessing Jenni’s aptitude to sing at an early age, her parents supported her to cultivate her gift of music.


Jenni’s talent was first noticed at the age of three, singing pitch perfect covers atop a milk crate to a reporter for the local news, who had heard of her musical aspirations and covered a story on the young star. Not long after at the age of seven Jenni began writing songs, and by the time she turned 15 she was playing the bass and acoustic guitar.

I met Jenni awhile back, and have heard for years how beautiful her voice is, but having her at the WDHA studios was my first time hearing it myself!  Wow!  2011 is starting off in a big way for the WDHA blog with such fantastic talent!  Jenni Spiro was everything I have heard, and then some!!!!  She's got the "it" factor and her voice will tear thru you! It is extremely powerful and a pleasure to listen too!


Music has been a part of Jenni's life since her early childhood, and its very obvious.  In fact, you may have seen her father in these parts, being a member, "Mongo" (keyboardist, vocalist) of the ever so popular Nerds!!!! They are a fantastic band, and the apple doesnt fall far from the tree as Jenni is a gem! Likewise, Jenni's mother is also a musician!!!


Check out the interview below to hear more about the beautiful Jenni Spiro and her many different musical projects!  Also, definitely listen to the acoustic performance and soak in the powerful voice on this rock n roll woman!!!!


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